IT Fundamentals: March 8 – May 16

This course is to prepare those interested in an entry-level support position in Information Technology (IT) such as a Help Desk Specialist, IT Support Specialist, and IT Business Analyst. As you know, information technology is a fast-paced, innovative field. IT Fundamentals is intended to provide a working overview of information systems, their composition, importance in today’s world, and a look at future implications. The content will build upon what you already know and experience every day with technology, such as iPhones, email and the Internet, explaining basic components and how digital technology works.

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Cybersecurity in Healthcare: March 15 – September 19

The Certificate of Competence in Cybersecurity in Healthcare program is a four-month fully online professional development program that provides students with the entry-level skills, knowledge and ability to protect and defend the network systems in a healthcare cybersecurity environment and enter the workforce as an Information Security Analyst.

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Cybersecurity Fundamentals: March 22 – June 13

This certificate course in Cybersecurity Fundamentals is designed to prepare you in developing entry-level workforce skills and the knowledge and ability to protect and defend electronic network systems from cyberattacks.