Culinary Courses will return March 2022

Culinary Education courses can provide a range of instruction, from the home culinary enthusiast to the kitchen professional seeking gain knowledge to succeed.  We have cooking classes for anyone that wants to learn something new in the kitchen. We also have apprenticeships for cooks in the food industry that want free, formal training with our Hawai‘i Cook Apprenticeship and Go Cook Programs.  Weʻve also launched the Culinarium: Team Building Series, designed for executive teams to promote cohesion and camaraderie through pressure-cooker style kitchen challenges in the all-new Culinary Institute of the Pacific.  Have a look at what is on the table.


Dress code:  As a safety precaution, participants in all culinary classes are encouraged to wear covered, non-slip shoes (e.g. tennis shoes) and comfortable long pants.  Aprons or any other personal items may also be brought to class.  The college, however, will not be held responsible, if such items are lost or stolen.