BUS3070Relativity Certification Exam Prep

Topics to be covered are:

Introduction to Relativity & Terminology, Workspace Navigation, Batching, Document List Control, Core Reviewer Interface, Layouts and Coding Forms, Searching in Relativity, Filtering Searches, Keyword and other Searches, Analytics.

Security+ Certification Prep (COM3006)

Reviews content included in the Industry Certification Exam in CompTIA Security Plus.

Topics to be covered are:

  1. Network Security: configuration parameters on network devices
  2. Network Security: secure network administration principles
  3. Compliance and Operational Security: implement appropriate risk mitigation strategies
  4. Compliance and Operational Security: risk management best practices
  5. Threats and Vulnerabilities: social engineering attacks
  6. Threats and Vulnerabilities: wireless attacks
  7. Application, Data and Host Security: application security controls and techniques
  8. Application, Data and Host Security: mobile security concepts and technologies
  9. Access Control and Identity Management
  10. Cryptography

Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor Prep (BUS3000)

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Work with most-used QuickBook Online features to serve clients.
  2. Operate QuickBooks Online including setup, navigating, reporting, apps, and trou
  3. Manage sales, purchases, payroll, and payments using QuickBooks Online.
  4. Pass the QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Certification Exam

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