Hawaiʻi Cook Apprenticeship Program

Hawaiʻi Cook Apprenticeship Program


Kapiʻolani Community College is now looking for the best and brightest candidates for our Hawaii Cook Apprenticeship Program at the Culinary Institute of the Pacific, one of the best culinary facilities in the world. Restaurants and local food service establishments and their workers interested in participating in Hawai‘i Cook Apprenticeship, a free, 20-week culinary program to develop the next generation of cooking professionals, offered by Kapi‘olani Community College’s award-winning culinary program.

The Culinary Institute of the Pacific is a state of the art facility that is the flagship of all of the University of Hawaii’s Culinary programs. It will provide apprentices with an outstanding training environment for a promising career in the culinary arts. Employees receive free culinary training from one of the best culinary schools in the Pacific region that will lead to career advancement and higher paying jobs. Restaurants and local food service establishments save time and money in training their own employees and will, in a relatively short time, employ more professionally trained employees that will result in better product and higher customer satisfaction.

If you own or manage an establishment in the food industry please reach and get the dialog started by emailing Marcus or calling (425) 308-6163.

Marcus Fikse  marcusjt@hawaii.edu

For further details click on the brochure below.