The complex and dynamic world in which we live in today requires an active and evolving individual. New approaches to lifestyle and work that adhere to a rich understanding and openness to diversity is a necessity for success in today’s interconnected world.
Global Learning & Development specializes in workforce training and professional development in the areas listed below. In alignment with the evolving workforce and professional demands, we specialize in incorporating global competencies into skills based programs and courses to assist individuals and organizations to advance their expertise and abilities in their current or future jobs. Whether its public or contract training and programs, we train the individual so they possess the knowledge and awareness of immediate industry standards, beyond the scope of the traditional college course of study, and to succeed in their professional roles.
Opportunities for Hawai‘i’s employers in both the public and private sectors to customize professional training pathways for their business or organizational structure and expectations are also available through Global Learning & Development. more here

Contract Contact

Shirley Tsukano
Programs and Contracts Manager
Phone: 808 734-9701

Heather Robertson
Workforce Development Specialist
Phone: 808 734-9154

Lori Makiya
Operations Manager
Phone: 808 734-9138

Heidi Arrington
Program Specialist
Phone: 808 734-9153

Global Learning Programs

Global Competencies

Global Learning and Development aligns global competency skills with our core or customized programs and training. Through engagement between our partnerships with businesses, professionals, and the community we prepare individuals for the rigors of the global interdependent economy.

Please note: You are encouraged to bring a laptop, tablet and/or smartphone to class to assist you with in-class assignments. If you don’t have access to any of these items, please inform your instructor so we can make arrangements for you.

The OCET Global Learning and Development (GLAD) works toward training an individual that demonstrates and possesses the knowledge, skill, and the experience in:
  • Cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Generational awareness and sensitivity
  • Gender awareness and sensitivity
  • Global business practices and relationships
  • Language and communication skills
  • Knowledge of critical global issues
  • Cultural adaptation skills
  • Appreciation of diversity
  • Consciousness of multiple worldviews
  • Understanding the world as a system