Certification for Hawai‘i’s Professional Tour Guides

For all Tour Drivers and Tour Guides, we recommend the following training path in preparation for your Certification Exam.
In order to obtain a Professional Certification, tour drivers and tour guides must successfully complete a rigorous two-part exam that measures their knowledge regarding the history, language, and culture of Hawai‘i as it relates to the tourism industry, as well as, create and customize their own tour based on their accurate knowledge.
Kapi‘olani Community College presents an updated program to the original Professional Training For Tour Drivers and Guides that was established in 1993 by the Hawai‘i State Tourism Training Council and sanctioned by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. The new program is aligned with Hawai‘i Tourism Authority’s Professional Standards and is geared toward preparing tour drivers and guides to successfully complete the Certification Exam.
In addition to aligning with HTA’s Professional Standards, the training pathway of courses aim to meet the following desirable qualities:

  • Accurately representing the State of Hawai‘i and in essence, the Native Hawaiian people and culture
  • Providing the highest standard of customer service through cultural sensitivity to both foreign visitors and locals
  • Upholding professional standards in terms of appearance, conversation, quest safety, sustainability, and customer service values
  • Articulate about Hawaiian history and culture using credible and reliable resources